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autumn session – april

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The scalable pixel. v.2

Our connections within the digital environment and our interface with digital objects creates a digital footprint which allows us to extend our presence into a new dimension, an encounter of occurrence and phenomena. It enables us to replicate our existence and to generate a continuum that exists well beyond the animate; an electronic mimesis, a genus of digital procreation … // These exploratory images represent a type of ‘de-coding’ invoking a sense of decomposition like a corrupted glitch or a digital aberration. They express the invisible or unseen, those moments and places where activity is present and intent is purposeful but we are unable to understand their mechanisms or true outcomes … // I have used ready-made and found objects as an initial reflection on the over consumption of objects in society. Some of these objects have been abandoned and superseded by newer technologies and I have re-purposed them to express the analogous nature of humanity.

christopher valenti :: // edited 2014.04.27 // original :: 2014.04.13

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