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artist statement :

In navigating the social milieu of data and information we are prone to the loop of our own desires, ignoring the events that mark time, define our present and shape our past. Our archival data driven societies act as the registrars of our narratives and as we traverse these topologies we inevitably leave traces and fragments of our existence behind … /

These bits and bytes of residue manifest themselves within the digital space, which embodies a divergent reality in that we become obsolete in the volume of its existence yet simultaneously define its very being through our participation. This bifurcation can be compared to the horizon which marks the boundary between grounded reality and the unseen future, expressing itself as an imaginary line, one that reflects the uncertainties of discovery, like Columbus searching for new lands, Cartesian maps or the genesis of mathematical formulae … / Increasingly we are becoming reliant on our digital devices to interpret space, light, colour, and events for us and through this technology, which reframes and reinterprets what and how we see via a network of pixels, data and code, we are engineering the ‘seeing machines’ of our circumstances which not only defines how and what we see but also challenges our perception of the present and continually reconfigures our approach to the future.

As part of my ongoing research into the social and technological shift occurring within contemporary culture, these installations act as a form of documentation that investigates the transference we are enacting as we continually move from an analog existence into the digital interface … /

documentation and analysis :

Following is some documentation on the works presented. This process of writing about my art has been incredibly helpful in defining some more specificity around the generalisation of my ideas.


click/tap image to download PDF . on :

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