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An information shadow can be described as the “digitally accessible information” which is associated with a product or service such as its name, or its position in space and time. Objects or resources, which contain these data shadows are sometimes known as ‘spimes’, a term coined by Bruce Sterling, from the contraction of the words ‘space’ and ‘time’.


Spimes’ have an ability to track their own existence throughout their lifetime and he believes that they are able to be “folded back into the manufacturing stream”. He sees them as “virtual images” which he suggests are most likely to be “a glamour publicity photo” which “is also deep-linked to the genuine, three dimensional computer designed engineering specifications of the object.”

Our desire to engage with our data driven society, where we create endless streams of information, has not only opened us up to the vastness of its possibilities but has also made us aware of our reliance on the patterns of modulation which are susceptible to the commodifying of content. We are incessantly consuming larger amounts of images, objects and knowledge and we are constantly reshaping content, re-creating new languages and re-appropriating old ideas.

The following documentation explores the possibilities of the dynamic image within the digital environment and attempts to expand on the notion of the ‘disruption of reality’ as fiction and reality become an unbound image or an infinite experience.

INFORMATION SHADOWS : shift: the digital re-interpretation of the social

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