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Ernie Gehr – the structuralist film maker


[image] An image from “Serene Velocity” (1970).

No Blockbusters Here, Just Mind Expanders

Published: November 11, 2011

“THERE are a multiplicity of adjectives that fit Ernie Gehr’s experimental film and digital work: abstract, beautiful, mysterious, invigorating, utopian. The work can also be oblique; this is not a bad thing! His 14-minute film “History” (1970), to take one extreme example, largely consists of what looks like a sparkly black-and-gray blob that brings to mind a hallucination of a desert night sky, like van Gogh on acid…. ”

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Recent works : Ernie Gehr: Bon Voyage

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Can we see philosophy? (what a great question)

“It is a question that is always haunting me: What is it that I’m working with? It’s also, What is a film? What is a digital work? Is it the physical item? Is it the projector? The strip of film? The tape? The disc? It’s all part of it. It’s mixed media. And the way these things all interact tell us so much about human perception and experience and the way one sees anything in the world.”

Retrieved from: Can we see philosophy? A dialogue with Ernie Gehr
By Peter Catapano and Ernie Gehr –

“Structuralist film theory is a branch of film theory that is rooted in Structuralism, itself based on structural linguistics. Structuralist film theory emphasizes how films convey meaning through the use of codes and conventions not dissimilar to the way languages are used to construct meaning in communication”. taken from somewhere on the web

Here is a sneak at his recent video works : + raphael hefti – or or or?

One thought on “Ernie Gehr – the structuralist film maker

  1. ooh this looks interesting Mr beyond boundaries – Im am very intrigued to watch these when I have time – what is revealed by the mechanical eye n all . its a theme I am also very interested in …. (abbr) .

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