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Installation proposal – winter 2015


cval12_july 2015_install_proposal_Page_06

read full proposal here : cval12_july 2015_install_proposal

MFA winter seminar

Exhibition and Audience

11 – 16 July, 2015

A proposal for installation by christopher valenti, Ø (empty-set) and the blended-theory project to Noel Ivanoff, HOD Fine Arts, Whitecliffe College of Arts and Design


For consideration :

1. Transparency in exile : factual information may vary according to availability (working title) an intervention to an existing access corridor where information is copied, shredded and then reconfigured.

2. A place like you / a place like me / a place that no longer belongs to us (working title) a situation where visual information is gathered to then be recomposited as an online project at a future date.

Install notes here

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