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Digital Art: Beyond The Hype


[image] Andreas Nicolas Fischer, Schwarm (2015)

November 24, 2015  by Charmaine Li

If you think of the term ‘digital art’, you might conjure up images of twitchy GIFs or glitchy videos. You might think it’s a recent development, but in fact its practice has roots dating back to the 1960s. So – what is considered ‘digital art’? And why are people paying for it? Is it all just hype? We delved into this topic and spoke to some key artists and gallerists about what it means to create, consume and sell digital art…

Charmaine is a Canadian writer and editor living in Berlin, Germany. Currently, she is an online editor at iGNANT. Previously, she was senior editor at and has also contributed to Maisonneuve, CNN Travel, Dazed Digital, Freunde von Freunden and Berlin Film Journal among other publications on lifestyle and cultural topics.


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