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Silicon Valley exploits time and space to extend the frontiers of capitalism

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[image] A Google Project Loon balloon which aims to provide Wi-Fi connections from the edges of space. Photograph: Marty Melville/AFP/Getty Images (Retrieved from

Silicon Valley exploits time and space to extend the frontiers of capitalism

Satellites, drones and balloons can make global connectivity a reality – but this space race is about profits not altruism

The US Congress quietly passed an important piece of legislation this month. The Space Resource Exploration and Utilisation Act – yet to be signed by Barack Obama – grants American companies unconstrained rights to the mining of any resources – from water to gold. The era of space exploration is over; the era of space exploitation has begun! …

3 thoughts on “Silicon Valley exploits time and space to extend the frontiers of capitalism

  1. It seems there is a whole industry now dedicated to mining time. I’ve even been working with App developers on ‘time saving’ software in a design capacity! What I have discovered if that I am more productive and have more time when I’m not using most of these ‘time-savers’. I’ve seen my colleagues get caught up in using life-planning and time saving software but using it tends to suck you time away. In that sense time really is being mined because they are taking it from the users by getting them to use the products. It’s all basically digital clutter of one sort or another! There are 2 pieces of software I have found really valuable, but they are more project and financial control that have the added side-effect of time saving.

    • I have always thought that time is the true commodity. What fascinated me in that article was the idea that we can ‘train’ algorithms. Fascinating. Train them for what? And do they mean like pets or performing seals or is it more like humans, athletes and children?

      • That’s a good point. The algorithms might be like the single cell organism version of a full, complex AI and they are being trained to do certain small tasks like a dog? But then dogs will be trained for rewards like food and love, so what is their reward? Do mathematical equations and machine intelligence have a reward system?

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