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Oskar Fischinger Raumlichtkunst (c. 1926/2012)

Images: courtesy Center for Visual Music

Three-projector HD reconstruction by the Center for Visual Music 2012 on at the Govett-Brewster

Space, light, music: A dizzying 3 screen projection of moving-image works by Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967). Unfortunately, I have been asked to remove the video so you have to take my word for it but the accompanying sound brings the works to life. It is not the original composition and in this “re-creation, the Center for Visual Music chose to use Varese’s Ionisation and two versions of Double Music by John Cage and Lou Harrison” [source] – perfect! On till the 6th of August at the Govett-Brewster Art Gallery.

In 1926, abstract filmmaker Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967) began performing multiple projector cinema shows in Germany with up to five 35mm film projectors, colour filters and slides.

Fischinger wrote of his concept of Raumlichtmusik (space-light-music), believing all the arts would merge in this new art. The critics called his performances ‘Raumlichtkunst’ (space-light-art) and praised Fischinger’s ‘original art vision which can only be expressed through film’. These shows represent some of the earliest attempts at cinematic immersive environments, and are a precursor to expanded cinema and 1960’s light shows. [source]



[image: book cover of Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967): Experiments in Cinematic Abstraction by Cindy Keefer (Editor), Jaap Gu (Editor) Publisher: EYE Filmmuseum and Center for Visual Music; 1st edition April 1, 2013]

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