Where is the boundary between your phone and your mind?

“Now if that thought is right, it’s pretty clear that our minds have become even more radically extended than ever before,” Lynch says. “The idea that our self is expanding through our phones is plausible, and that’s because our phones, and our digital devices generally – our smartwatches, our iPads – all these things have become a really intimate part of how we go about our daily lives. Intimate in the sense in which they’re not only on our body, but we sleep with them, we wake up with them, and the air we breathe is filled, in both a literal and figurative sense, with the trails of ones and zeros that these devices leave behind.”


other related / non related thoughts

  • ephemeral network transmissions
  • A virtual anybody
  • Copper. Connections . Is it that simple?. Plugs . Electricity conduit ?
  • You made me lie to gain your acceptances
  • Predictive technologies . Siri etc take you down path you would otherwise not have engaged with.
  • Data points …. The image becomes/ translates / transfer to a data point
  • / probe : from soft-tissue . Skin ? Boundary? Boundary objects Susan star (again)
  • / online browser-based project that engages hyperlinks to disrupt narratives that reconfigure themselves via feedback loops and social media platforms

2 thoughts on “Where is the boundary between your phone and your mind?

    • hi kev. thanks for that. I like the idea of “looped experiences” and wonder if these increasingly capitalised self referential extensions point to an inevitable push for a singularity? Predictable technologies like Siri, Alexa etc lead us down wormholes and are great at making us feel good about ourselves but ultimately they seek profit at the cost of individualisation and self-discovery. Maybe our ability to be philosophically introspective will dim and assisted decision making will just be the norm. I was interested in what the alternatives might be and that disruption was seen as either an opt-out approach or a classic stand and resist.

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