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The Chinese Gods in the Data Age

Chinese Facial Recognition Will Take over the World in 2019

While many facial recognition software systems appears to be racist and performs more poorly with people of ‘color’, it is claimed that Hikvision’s software can actually spot and follow a person by face, figure/gait and can accurately identify people of all skin tones. US cell carriers still sell your location data, apps still harvest it, the decline of physical and virtual freedom is upon us. Ironically it’s doubtful the U.S. has the capability of creating its own anti-China firewall for these kinds of technologies.

Blocking 5G Leader Huawei is one thing, but how do you block a consumer app company like ByteDance?

China has already ‘won’ the trade-war, because its winning the race to innovation. America doesn’t regulate Amazon, Microsoft, Google or Facebook properly, that stunts innovation and ethics in technology where the West is now forced to copy China just to keep up. This article was published on a Monday at 3:15 pm EST.

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