“The post-photographic condition”
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“The post-photographic condition”

[image] Screen-grab :: https://anti-utopias.com/newswire/post-photographic-condition/ The Post-Photographic Condition. Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal In Featured Events / September 16, 2015 Retrieved from: https://anti-utopias.com/newswire/post-photographic-condition/ “The Post-Photographic Condition is characterised by the proliferation of images and the prominence of the Internet, smartphones and social networks. The world as we know it is now governed by instantaneity and subject to accelerated digital … Continue reading

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Thomas Locher’s “Post-Information”

(Left) Thomas Locher, A – H, 2002/2015. (Right) Thomas Locher, A – G, 2002/2015. (more images here) by ANA TEIXEIRA PINTO : July 14, 2015 Thomas Locher’s “Post-Information” SILBERKUPPE, Berlin Long before post-internet aesthetics and ubiquitous networking began to overhumanize technology, men in gray flannel suits were the standard metaphor for the dehumanizing nature of corporate technocracy. This expression, which swiftly became … Continue reading