Oskar Fischinger Raumlichtkunst (c. 1926/2012)
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Oskar Fischinger Raumlichtkunst (c. 1926/2012)

Images: courtesy Center for Visual Music Three-projector HD reconstruction by the Center for Visual Music 2012 on at the Govett-Brewster Space, light, music: A dizzying 3 screen projection of moving-image works by Oskar Fischinger (1900-1967). Unfortunately, I have been asked to remove the video so you have to take my word for it but the accompanying … Continue reading

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SoundDome.Org – SoundDome16

http://www.sounddome.org/sounddome16 SoundDome: Composing with Space “What makes your heart sing? For me, and for the other members of SoundDome.Org it is the point of intersection between sound, technology, and space. The sound dome brings to life an extraordinary three-dimensional sound world previously conceivable only in the imagination of the composer.”  Dr John Coulter Managing Trustee   Continue reading