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07|> automaton

Knowledge was once free. It used to be deeply rooted within our instinct and was instrumental in shaping our wisdom. It possessed a mystical, ineffable value. It was essential to our existence, imparting an exchange laden with insights and full of critical information; like how to read the clouds, to sense the rain, count the tides or knowing which berry to eat. It was a gift which was passed-on from generation to generation. Today we live in the age of information where knowledge is the commodity of our new economies. As we continue to expand the networks of our interconnected lives the data and information we manufacture acts as a form of currency where the feedback from our exchange implicates us in a new form of labour. The digital ‘image’ of our new economies shapes the language of our employment, an image which is far more than just a transmigratory object for the proliferation of aesthetics, politics or emotions. Here, I research the often ambiguous roles that the image plays within our new digital economies and how embedded deep within the bits and bytes of it representation an alternate function lies with in its interpretation. The image of the network is no longer just the mirror to our lives but rather it has become an impersonator in what we perceive to be an equitable exchange, an exchange which is mediated through a historical relationship that we have with images. Using the image as a pivot point I intend to explore the embedded value of images within our technological present and to investigate the dependency that we have on images to disseminate information and how this propagation is underpinned by the technologies that produces them and the institutions who control them.