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[image] photo credit: Charles Nègre, La tailleur de pierre, salt print from a collodion on glass negative, summer 1853 courtesy of Hans P. Kraus, Jr. | New York. Retrieved from

A fascinating conversation on Radio NZ between Noelle McCarthy and Professor Bruce Sheridan around creativity, generating ideas, improvisation, education, failure and a lot more… the ideas around ‘STEM’ (science, technology, engineering and maths) vs STEAM (add art to the mix) was a great analogy. A ‘stem’ rooted to the ground as opposed to ‘steam’ which has the ability to be everywhere … read more here … and listen to interview on Radio New Zealand here

Bruce Sheridan:
psychology of creativity

Bruce Sheridan is the Chair of Cinema Art + Science at Columbia College, Chicago, and North American regional Chair of CILECT, the world organisation of film and media schools. He has returned to New Zealand as the fourth Creative Fellow for the University of Auckland’s Creative Thinking Project, to deliver a series of public lectures drawing on recent research into creativity and discussing evidence from neuroscience and cognitive psychology to make the case for reintegrating art and science in education. RNZ


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